The King of Sancerre:
2018 François Cotat La Grande Côte

Posted by Ian McFadden

Among the vineyards of Sancerre, La Grande Côte is king.

François Cotat's Grande Côte is one of the grandest, most profound and longest lived Sancerres on earth.

When you taste a young François Cotat Grande Côte, you immediately sense its profundity, the intricate weave of layers, and its taut depth. It's clearly a wine that holds a lot in reserve.

Unsurprisingly, Grande Côte is the hardest of Cotat's three single-vineyard Sancerres to land in quantity. Being able to offer Grande Côte is a luxury.

The Grande Côte is a steep vineyard that sits on hard Kimmeridgian limestone, the same vein that runs through Chablis. As one might expect, the grapes grown here produce wines of energy, precision, and Chablis-like minerality.

In François Cotat’s hands, the heights to which this wine can reach seems endless. An aged bottle is unmatched in depth, elegance, and stony complexity. They’re simply jaw-dropping.

The 2018 is a soaring and sculpted vintage for the Grande Côte. The scale of the wine and its architecture are astonishing. The Grande Côte is powerful and dense, but it is also regally elegant and classy.

Cotat’s Grande Côte is a favorite among collectors, and this vintage unquestionably deserves a place in the cellar. I write this with some trepidation since the quantities on offer are modest. We expect a quick sell-out, so our advice is not to delay.

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Ian McFadden

Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits

2018 François Cotat La Grande Côte

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