The Last of a Generation: 2011 Juge Cornas

Posted by Joe Salamone

The Last of a Generation
2011 Juge Cornas

Marcel Juge is in his eighties, but refuses to stop making wine. Every vintage, he produces around 150 cases as a hobby.

Most of you reading this know the deal with Juge. And you know how limited the wines are. I’m going to keep this short.

Juge is part of the same generation as Verset, Gentaz and Trollat. The prices of these wines have soared to levels that would have seemed utterly unimaginable just five years ago. Make no mistake, all three are captivating and profoundly stirring wines. However, it’s difficult not to suspect that something else is at play with the pricing. They represent intuitive, low-tech winemaking that’s impossible to replicate these days.

These are far from inky, bone-crushing Cornas. Juge has always been known for producing especially elegant and fine Cornas. The aging curve here is not based on fierceness of tannin, but instead relies on overall harmony.

The 2011 vintage in the Northern Rhône provided Juge with a great platform for his style to shine. There’s a great purity, balance and poise to Juge's Cornas this vintage.

Our yearly Juge offer is one that we’re always really excited about. There’s simply something intangible—something brimming with soul—and a mystery about the wines. Few bottles have the emotional impact for us as Juge’s do.

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Joe Salamone
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