The Legend Expands: 08 G. Conterno Cerretta Barbera

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The Legend Expands
2008 G. Conterno Cerretta Barbera
The New Acquisition in Serralunga -
Ageworthy Yet Affordable... from the Master

Giacomo Conterno is one of the most famous names in Italian wine - check that; in the entire world of fine wine. And while it's rare for estates in Italy to be tied only to one piece of land, for all of the 20th century, that's how it was with Conterno...

Then came 2008 and a brand new acquisition: land in the Cerretta vineyard in Serralunga.

I waited for the new releases with bated breath. I have often called winemaker Roberto Conterno, who now heads the renowned Giacomo Conterno estate, a "desert island" producer - he's soulful, incisive and has incredible vineyard holdings that have withstood the test of time.

Today I am very pleased to be among the first in the world to offer one of Conterno's new wines from the Cerretta site: the 2008 Conterno Cerretta Barbera.

How often does the opportunity to offer an inaugural vintage of wine from a benchmark producer come around?

Those familiar with the going rate for Giacomo Conterno Barolo will quickly recognize today's offer as an opportunity to experience this legendary estate and its terroir at a fraction of the usual price tag.

Those of you who are uninitiated to the Roberto fan club, here's your chance to get in on the obsession. Beware: Once you've tasted the wines from this estate, there's no going back. They're peerless.

This is a grand estate that's widely respected for its monumental, über-traditional Barolos - among the most classic and ageworthy that exist, period. The spectacular, cask-aged, long-lived style is applied to the house's Barbera from the Cascina Francia site, resulting in a Barbera that's in a league of its own.

Or was in a league of its own, until Roberto snapped up the Cerretta vines. Now, the Cascina Francia and Cerretta siblings look to share the vaunted space at the head of this varietal's class. This is Barbera, orchestrated by the maestro, in all its spicy, vivid, robust intensity.

If the Cascina Francia Barbera plays the part of the more mature older brother, dark with impressive structure, the Cerretta Barbera is the more youthful sibling: vibrant, red-fruit-flecked and, in the 08 vintage, more approachable - yet still with snap in its framework and the blatant balance that always promises longevity.

As Roberto himself states, "The Barbera Cerretta 2008 winks at you," and surely this is the most flirtatious, most youthfully inviting wine in his stable - the perfect thing to drink as you wait for your Monfortinos to come into their own, or a perfect precursor with pasta to a secondi of brasato stew with the house's Barolo. And let's not forget the beauty of Barbera with pizza and a football game.

Today's pricing on this new release is very sharp. I highly recommend that you experience this wine - and, perhaps, if you're already familiar with the greatness of the estate, stock up here.

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Robert Schagrin
Managing Partner
Crush Wine & Spirits

2008 Conterno Cerretta Barbera

Wine arrives late November
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