The Magic of Bea
2011 Bea Sagrantino Pagliaro

Posted by Joe Salamone

For us, Bea's Sagrantino Pagliaro is one of the most compelling wines to be found in all of Italy.

It's a view that seems to be widely shared. Every time that we offer Bea's Pagliaro, we brace ourselves for a flood of orders.

There's a magic to Bea that's easy to get obsessed with. Few wines deliver the mysterious depth and sheer soulfulness that Pagliaro does. Year after year, it's one of the most singular and fascinating wines that we taste.

What makes Pagliaro so special? You can't exactly put your finger on it. There's a wildness and yet something undeniably noble about the wines. Bea has a unique touch with Sagrantino, a grape notorious for its power and burly tannins. In Bea's hands, Sagrantino assumes an astonishing nuance, delicacy and elegance.

The 2011 Pagliaro is a magnificent and imposing vintage. The year was very warm and you sense this in the wine's colossal scale and explosiveness. The 2011 Pagliaro really amazes in how harmonious it is, how its overall composition make sense. It packs an enormous amount of complexity - there are complicated shadings of earth, dark fruits, spice, floral notes and sun-baked herbs.

There's really not much more left to be said. Bea has long stood as one of the cult figures of Italy and has been a fixture at Crush since we opened our doors. These are wines that we love. The 2001 has assumed legendary status. The 2011 is a profoundly impressive vintage for Pagliaro.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer
Crush Wine & Spirits