The Metamorphosis -1998 Dom Pérignon P2 (formerly Oenothèque)

Posted by Robert Schagrin

The Metamorphosis
1998 Dom Pérignon P2 (formerly Oenothèque)
The Second Coming of '98

The life of Dom Pérignon is amazing. The lean, focused style unwinds into something beautiful and profound, a gorgeous tapestry.

Since 2000, Dom Pérignon has offered perfectly stored, late-disgorged ex-maison bottles through their iconic Oenothèque program.

Today, I'm very excited to present the 1998 P2 (or second plenitude). P2 and P3 now replace Oenothèque and each provides a more explicit snapshot of Dom Pérignon's transformation over the years.

If you're familiar with the original release of 1998, prepare to be amazed. As with the Oenothèque releases, the '98 P2 shows the wine absolutely transformed.

The second plenitude is intended to capture the wine at an energetic, ultra-defined, penetratingly clear stage. I liked the '98 on release, but I find the P2 shocking for the way it has evolved into something so much more mineral-laden and tense; it absolutely amplifies the presence that the initial release of 1998 shows with aging "on the cork." The 1998 P2 captures the vintage with beautiful precision, but the wine feels so much more intense than the original release. You are clearly encountering a wine with a personality distinctively different than what it showed in its infancy.

Like Oenothèque, P2 and P3 showcase the impeccable palate, wisdom and overall brilliance of Dom Pérignon's Chef de Cave Richard Geoffroy. His intimate knowledge, understanding and ongoing development of the Dom Pérignon style was captured in the Oenothèque project and continues to animate the journey through the plenitudes.

The 1998 P2 brings the mysterious, heart-breakingly beautiful evolution of Dom Pérignon into clearer focus. It has spent over ten years on its lees and then received additional post-disgorgement aging on the cork.

My love affair with the DP Maison dates back to the 80s when I bought my first bottle of Dom (a 1964!) and I fell hard for it. That marked the beginning of my obsession. I'm very happy to introduce the new plenitude series as I think it greatly deepens the experience and understanding of one of my favorite wines in the world. The 1998 P2 is a very impressive release and can be consumed now with complete joy.

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Robert Schagrin
Managing Partner
Crush Wine & Spirits

Antonio Galloni, Vinous Media: "The 1998 Dom Pérignon P-2 (formerly Oenothèque) is quite reticent today. What else is new? These second-plenitude wines are often very tight when they are first released, which is very much the case here. Still, it is quite evident the 1998 is a bit more tender and pliant than the 1996. Today, the 1998 still hasn't turned the corner, but it is quite pretty and expressive. This is a terrific offering."