The Other Side of Keller - Lowest Price: 2013 Keller Kirchspiel RR

Posted by Joe Salamone

The Other Side of Keller - Lowest Price
2013 Keller Kirchspiel RR
Soil Speaks - 0.33ha Surrounded by a Sea of Limestone

The "RR" is the outlier of the Keller stable.

It is by far the most mysterious and provocative Keller wine.

"RR" comes from a tiny 0.33ha pocket of red soil surrounded by a sea of limestone. If anyone has established the nobility of German Riesling grown on limestone, it's Keller. We've dubbed the Kirchspiel RR the alter ego of Kirchspiel Grosses Gewächs.

Still, the limited production "RR" has carved out its own place among Riesling fanatics. It's become an under-the-radar cult Keller bottling.

As we all know (and love), Riesling is a very sensitive grape variety; small differences in soil type account for very big differences in expression. Compared to the limestone origins of the Kirchspiel GG, the RR shows a more brooding, darker mineral expression with wet stones and moist earth, even tobacco and clay.

Klaus-Peter nearly always lets the juice from this unique parcel ferment naturally - thus it nearly always has a little bit of residual sugar. The 2013 with its 13 grams of RS works brilliantly with the vintage's bright acidity.

Keller produced amazing 2013s. He was spared much of the difficult weather that the Mosel and other parts north experienced. The high acidity and classic nature of the vintage produced finely etched and ultra-mineral wines.

The 2013 "RR" shows the kinetic energy, incisive stoniness and sleek finesse that make the vintage so important at Keller. It's powerful, long and ruthlessly detailed and offers complex, beautiful layers of citrus, stone, earth and spice.

The "RR" is one of the most intriguing and singular wines from Keller. The modest level of RS that it carries makes it especially versatile at the table and helps it to really transform with five or seven years in the cellar.

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