The Other Side of Roulot

Posted by Ian McFadden

The Other Side of Roulot
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Roulot La Poire du Roulot 375ml
On Purity and Pears

Jean-Marc Roulot makes life-changing White Burgundies. We are endlessly obsessed with them.

Today, we turn our backs on all of this and focus on an entirely different side of Roulot. And it's no less compelling.

Today, we move from Roulot the master winemaker to Roulot the master distiller.

As the temperatures have dropped we've become obsessed with Roulot's eau de vie. His Poire (pear) may very well be our absolute favorite.

What keeps us returning to Roulot's La Poire eau de vie is how beautiful its varietal purity and balance is. The aromatics are gorgeous, anunadulterated expression of the essence of pears.

The Roulots have been distillers since 1866. Their Marc and Fine de Bourgogne are staples of France's three-star restaurants. In addition, Jean-Marc's father was fascinated by the process of making fruit eau de vie. It was a hobby for him, but the results are legendary. It was famous in some circles and so extraordinarily fine that they nicknamed it "La Poire du Roulot."

Through producing Marc and Fine de Bourgogne, Jean-Marc Roulot was seduced by the distilling process and wanted to return to his family's tradition of eau de vie production. Jean-Marc is close with the king of eau de vie, Hans Reisetbauer, and Roulot's style and absolute quality definitely gives a nod to that friendship.

The Williams pears are harvested at Orches, in the Hautes Côtes de Beaune. After fermentation, the pears are distilled and then, aged in glass carboys and stored for several years in attics.

Maybe it's because I'm more of a "wine guy" that I'm having trouble describing what makes me keep returning to the Poire so much. I'll just say that this is something that I strongly recommend you try.

While Poire du Roulot ranks as some of the absolute best eau de vie we've tasted, the quantities remind you that this is a hobby. Like all things Roulot, there's not much to go around.

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare Wine
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