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2014 Puffeney Trousseau Les Bérangère

Posted by Joe Salamone

Earlier this week, we offered Domaine du Pélican Trousseau Les Bérangères, which is sourced from vines that belonged to Jacques Puffeney.

Today, we pay homage to Puffeney, one of the grandmasters of the Jura.

Puffeney retired after the 2014 vintage, selling the majority of his vineyard holdings to Domaine du Pelican, Guillaume d'Angerville's Jura project.

For many Americans, Puffeney was the initial face of the Jura. When I tasted my first Jura wine nearly twenty years ago, it was one of Puffeney's. Out of his strong lineup, it was the Trousseau Les Bérangères that became the iconic wine. No one else could make Trousseau like this. Puffeney is a staunch traditionalist, and his Les Bérangères has a rugged honesty to it that seems impossible to replicate.

Les Bérangères is located in Montigny-lès-Arsures, where the graviers gras (fat gravel) soils are perfectly suited to Trousseau. The village is even referred to as “the capital of Trousseau." Les Bérangères is a very well situated south, southwest facing vineyard. I was fortunate enough to walk Les Bérangères with Puffeney, and from the moment that I set foot in the vineyard, its greatness seemed obvious to me.

The 2014 Bérangères is an utterly compelling example of the structure, verve, and deep savoriness that Puffeney would coax out of Trousseau. I've always had an affection for the 2014 because the vintage really highlights the mineral, forest floor, and herbal qualities of Puffeney's Les Bérangères.

Since 2014, Puffeney has continued to make tiny quantities of wine for "friends and family." However, 2014 is the last vintage of the wine that you could have any hope of finding in quantity. We're very grateful that we were able to land this modest parcel. We strongly encourage you not to miss this opportunity to pick up a wine from of one Jura's old masters before it's too late.

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Joe Salamone

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2014 Puffeney Trousseau Les Bérangères

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