The Rarest Morstein? Beyond Keller: 2012 Seehof Weissburgunder Morstein R

Posted by Joe Salamone

The Rarest Morstein? Beyond Keller
2012 Seehof Weissburgunder Morstein R

Less than half a hectare, old vines, and a very famous brother-in-law.

Klaus Peter Keller has placed Morstein on the world stage. While the G-Max grabs the easy headlines with its ballooning auction prices, many insiders share an equal love for Morstein. It has such depth, such a forceful and awe-inspiring minerality.

So when Florian Fauth of Weingut Seehof purchased his tiny plot of old-vine Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc) in the Morstein, it’s likely he was looking toward the example set by Keller. As it turns out, Keller is Fauth’s brother-in-law and the connections likely run a bit deeper. Certainly the clarity and elegance of the wine leads us to think the two must talk more than a little…

The "R" is made from the oldest vines in this awesome site. Already in its first vintage, the wine is a show-stopper.

This is epic juice, among the deepest and most finessed Weissburgunders we have tried. The awesome 2012 vintage presented the perfect stage for the wine: a layered and extract-rich mid-palate that is energized by a forceful acidity and the polished minerality that only old vines in such a vineyard can deliver.

If Weissburgunder is often misunderstood (to say nothing of mishandled in the cellar), the grandest expressions offer the most soaring, bright and floral aromatics of any wine on earth. Yet they also can present power, plush layers of ripe fruit and mineral.

The pricing flaunts, yet again, the values still to be had in Germany. And while the structure and depth of the wine speak of a very positive cellar development over the next 10+ years, quantities are limited enough to suggest we won’t have many 4-packs to offer. There is only one tranche of this wine and it is sold out at the estate.

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