The Real Deal: 2016 Gilles Cornas

Posted by Joe Salamone

Of the new generation of Cornas producers, Guillaume Gilles stands out.

Gilles got his start working for Chave and Robert Michel, the legendary old-school Cornas producer who also served as a mentor to Thierry Allemand.

These serious credentials are on bold display in the honest, exacting and very compelling wines that he produces.

Allemand himself is a fan of Gilles’ wines. He told Vinous media that Gilles is "one of the best vineyard workers in Cornas and will be one of the best of the appellation before too long."

The heart of Gilles’ tiny domaine is the Chaillot vineyard, just 2.3 hectares, which he leased from Michel when he retired. The wines are pure Cornas: burly, structured, powerful.

The 2016 Cornas, from the higher slopes of Chaillot, is mesmerizing. It has the brooding, bloody characters we expect, along with a constant stream of aromas: dried flowers, dark red fruits, spice, and crushed stones. It also demonstrates why the 2016 vintage was so good; for all its power, it has a freshness and elegance that’s really striking.

For fans of the Northern Rhône, Gilles is one of the most exciting producers around. This is a real deal Cornas and the prices haven't taken the huge jump that many of the region's other producers have. Because of this, and the small size of the domaine, there's never enough to go around. Please give us your ideal order and we'll try our best.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer
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