The Return of the $4 Bottle of Air Conditioning!

Posted by CrushWine

Gazela Vinho Verde
Back Up (a Very Big) Truck!

Today's offer isn't about complexity, mouthfeel or minerality. It's about an icy and refreshing glass of wine to fend off the overbearing heat and humidity of August.

Ah yes, August is finally here - in a big way.

Temperatures have come up to the 90s this week with that signature blazing wet-goopy-heat that makes just standing on the sidewalk an exercise in sweat control.

To help you beat the heat we're stepping out of our traditional artisanal mold and bringing back one of the most requested wines we've ever offered that's also a cheap and cheerful way to cool off: Gazela.

Is your cellar full? Good. Don't cellar this wine - drink it in the next 7 days! Don't think, just grab a cooler and some ice and head to the park!

Make Gazela Vinho Verde your ice pick to chip away at the heat. Ethereally light in body (and light in alcohol) it's all about bright citrus flavors - lime zest, floral notes and a bit of spritz to liven it up even more. (See below for more on Vinho Verde.)

Or use it to make the ultimate (and deadly) cocktail: Joe Salamone's legendary Sangria! (Click here for the recipe - I'm not exaggerating when I say that we received *thank you notes* the last time we published this recipe.) Perfect for by-the-pool sipping, BBQs, summer parties, Sunday brunches, Thursday mornings when you call in "sick" and on your way to the beach and the asphalt feels like it's melting under your feet. In summers past I've even used Gazela to great success as a "recovery" drink after running a lap or two around Central Park.

When you read the price, you'll probably wonder, "Can a wine this cheap be any good?"

The answer is a resounding YES!

Despite an increase in cost (they have to pay for their NY Taxi Cab ad campaign somehow) we're happy to be able to pass along a great deal on this wine. Compare at $6-9/btl elsewhere in the city and stock up (and then ration out) at as low as $4.16/bt -- by far the lowest price in NYC, if not the country.

See below for the great deals to be had - including a case of Gazela delivered to any address in Manhattan for only $60!

Please join me in celebrating (or, more accurately, just getting through) the heat and humidity of August. Click below or call (212) 980-9463 as soon as possible to place your order.


Vinho Verde

Vinho Verde, when literally translated, means "Green Wine." The "green" refers not to the color, but to the fact that most Vinho Verde is meant to be drunk young. In fact, most Vinho Verde is made for almost immediate consumption and is often not even vintage-dated - as is the case with Gazela.

Most Vinho Verde comes from the northwest of Portugal, from an area known as the Minho. Vinho Verde can be made from any or a combination of twenty-five grapes. The best, however, are most often made from alvarinho, trajadura, loureiro and pederna. The light spritz that most Vinho Verde's showcase comes from a small shot of carbon dioxide which is added right before bottling.