The Rosé Experience of the Summer
2017 Stein Rosé

Posted by Joe Salamone

The last time we were able to secure enough of this wine to do an offering was for the 2013 vintage.

This time, go long because it may be another five years and July and August will be no joke.

Four years ago we introduced this eccentric rosé to the U.S.; it was one of the most exciting and mineral rosés of the year and it quickly sold out.

Since then, Stein has become something of a cult star. His "basic" dry Riesling was chosen as one of the best by the New York Times just a few months ago and the rosé, well, it's been harder to get because famous restaurants like Estela and Prune in New York reserve as much as they can to pour it as long as they can.

The single-bottle price is still a steal given the quality, but keep in mind a 750ml might only last you a few minutes: this is profoundly drinkable. You have been warned.

The 2017 Stein rosé flaunts its cool-climate home very proudly; there is an energy and razor-sharp minerality to the wine that is stunning. As we wrote back in the first offering: This is a very serious terroir to source a rosé from, and it shows. As with the 2013, the 2017 edition clocks in at just over 11% alcohol, giving it a weightless, bright and incredibly refreshing mouthfeel.

This astonishing purity, this crystal-clear freshness, evident in nearly all of Stein's wines, goes a long way in explaining why Stein is one of our most beloved producers, anywhere. They are some of the wines that we drink the most, that make us the happiest.

This is one of our absolute favorite rosés of the season, plain and simple. We suggest that you stock up. One little fact: rosé ages. A good customer recently pulled one of the 2013 rosés and said it was absolutely delicious. We would verify this ourselves, but we drank all of ours years ago.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer
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