The Saar, Diamond-Cut: 2013 Lauer GGs - Schonfels & Saarfeilser

Posted by Joe Salamone

The Saar, Diamond-Cut
2013 Lauer Grosses Gewächs:
Schonfels & Saarfeilser

In 2013, Lauer produced insanely precise, pure and tense wines.

I write this knowing full well that Lauer fans expect nothing less from him. Lauer's wines are studies in delicacy and intensity. They are stubbornly rigorous and sternly mineral. At this point, Lauer's reputation probably speaks for itself.


His collection in 2013 is simply riveting. There's a razor cut and electric transparency to the wines. Lauer's 2013 Grosses Gewächs pack all of these qualities together into a compelling, beautiful whole. Jean Fisch and David Rayer of Mosel Fine Wines called Lauer's GGs "among the classiest of the vintage."

Saarfeisler is a steep, warm, south-southeast facing vineyard. The soil here is slate with large alluvial rocks. This is a top site for Lauer and one of the great under-the-radar vineyards of the Saar.

Schonfels is one of the most dramatic vineyards in all of Germany, a steep site that meets a sheer rock face and then drops straight down into the Saar River. The vineyards here include a good portion of 100 year-old ungrafted vines.

Florian Lauer called 2013 his most expensive harvest ever. He had his harvesters make many, very selective passes through the vineyards. The resulting wines are super-classical with modest ripeness, while showing an amazing tension and sense of completeness.

When we offered Lauer's 2012 GGs, I spent that evening allocating out bottles. The wines are even more limited in the 2013 vintage. Please give us you ideal order and we'll try our best.

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