The Saar, Saturated in Slate: 2012 Lauer Unterstenbersch

Posted by Joe Salamone

The Saar, Saturated in Slate
2012 Weingut Peter Lauer
Ayler Kupp Unterstenbersch

In 2009, we introduced Lauer wines to the U.S. under the title of THE German Discovery of the Year!

Since then, Unterstenbersch has become one of our go-to bottles.

Year in, year out, Lauer's Unterstenbersch is an absolutely riveting bottle.

That said, the 2012 Unterstenbersch is something to be very excited about even in this context. There's a vividness here, a steely minerality. Above all, Lauer's signature of delivering intensity and lightness is rendered with crystal clear purity.

Lauer's Unterstenbersch is sourced from old vines rooted into a deep slate section at the foot of Ayler Kupp that faces south. In 2012 it thrives on a razor cut.

The '12 Unterstenbersch is saturated by slate and animated by a gorgeous sense of agility and a citrus imbued brightness with a backdrop of smoky minerality. It doesn't pull any punches - this is emphatically Lauer and uncompromisingly Saar. It's technically an off-dry wine, but the impression is of a dry wine.

Since our first Lauer offer back in 2009, Lauer's reputation has exploded. As a good friend said to us last year: "Lauer has gone cult."

With just 8ha, Lauer's wines are always in short supply. Word on the 2012s is quickly spreading, which will only make them more limited.

Please give us your ideal order and we'll try out best.

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Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
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