The Saar’s New Destiny? Dry Grand Cru Riesling:
2018 Lauer GGs: Kupp & Feils

Posted by Joe Salamone

“We have never tasted so many great dry Mosel Rieslings in any previous vintage.” –Jean Fisch and David Rayer, Mosel Fine Wines

2018 was widely reported as one of the warmest vintages on record, and while in some places this may have been a liability, in the extreme cool-climate vineyards of the Mosel, this warmth served to polish the rather extreme acids that sometimes make the dry wines from this region, well, a bit harsh.

In the Saar, where the acids can be even more ferocious, there was even more potential for greatness in 2018. Lauer's GGs are some of the most anticipated offerings each year, though it feels extra special this year.

To put it another way: Lauer’s Grand Cru GG wines are simply some of the greatest dry Rieslings of the vintage.

Today we offer a tranche of two “Grand Cru” dry Rieslings: Feils and Kupp. Both wines are compelling arguments to the “dry” profundity possible in the Saar. These are do-not-miss wines.

The Feils is perhaps the break-out wine of the vintage. Powerful and deep, as always, with kaleidoscopic and complex citrus and stone fruit. In 2018, there is a tautness and focus to the wine that is unprecedented. As Fisch and Rayer write, this is a “remarkable dry Riesling.”

In 2018, the Kupp retains its spot as perhaps the most balanced, most “complete” wine. While the Feils overpowers the Kupp in terms of density and concentration, the Kupp remains more lithe, more mineral. There is just a presence to the Kupp, a playful lightness that keeps the tapering finish blazing clear and seriously long.

And while 2018 is known as a rather generous vintage, to make wines with cut and clarity, the growers had to be severe in their selections. The best dry wines are in especially short supply in 2018. We suggest that you get your orders in early.

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Joe Salamone

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2018 Lauer GGs: Kupp & Feils

Ayler Kupp GG
Special Bottle Price: $54.95

Mosel Fine Wines: "The 2018er Kupp Fass 18 GG, as it is referred to on the consumer label, displays a superb nose of dried fruits, smoke, almond cream, candied citrus and a hint of camphor. The wine proves superbly playful on the palate where a light touch of creamy fruits is well wrapped and balanced by a nicely tickly acidity. It leaves one with a tart feel, which still needs to integrate in the very long finish. Beautifully smoky and herbal elements come through in the after-taste. Only an underlying feel of power has kept us from rating this superb dry Riesling higher."

Feils GG

Special Bottle Price: $54.95

Mosel Fine Wines:: "The 2018er Feils Fass 13 GG, as it is referred to on the consumer label, offers a beautiful and complex nose of pineapple, citrus, grapefruit, tar, green herbs and smoke. The wine is packed with spicy, zesty and sharp elements on the quite tight and intense palate. It leaves a superb sensation of depth and presence in the big and hugely long finish. Herbal and minty flavors make for a great refreshing side in the ample and assertive aftertaste of this remarkable dry Riesling."

Special 6-Pack Price (3 bottles of each): $299.70 ($49.95/btl)