The Stars Align: 2014 Genot-Boulanger Corton-Charlemagne

Posted by Ian McFadden

Corton-Charlemagne is one of the most captivating white Burgundies.

Génot-Boulanger's 2014 Corton-Charlemagne flaunts its intensity with the grace and weightless elegance the Grand Cru is famous for.

The 2014s from Génot-Boulanger are simply killer, and the Corton-Charlemagne is the star.

The first time that I tasted Génot-Boulanger's 2014 Corton-Charlemagne it blew me away. I bought everything that I could get my hands on. It disappeared quickly. When I had the opportunity to buy a second parcel recently, I jumped on it.

I should mention from the outset that quantities are extremely limited.

I really wish that wasn't case, because this is a situation where I'm really excited about a wine and there's not much to go around.

Génot-Boulanger’s 2014s are very likely the best wines we’ve seen from the domaine yet. Génot-Boulanger is a 4th generation family estate currently run by Aude and Guillaume Lavollée. Since they took over in 2008, we've watched the quality at the domaine soar. The combination of prime holdings and meticulous winemaking has recently put Génot-Boulanger on the map for serious Burgundy drinkers.

The brilliant transparency, energy and poise of the 2014s place the wines at another level. The 2014 Corton-Charlemagne possesses a deep, saturating minerality with a sense of elegance and grace. It's clear that you're dealing with a truly noble site.

2014 is one of the greatest young white Burgundy vintages that I've tasted. Génot-Boulanger's Corton-Charlemagne really drives home just how impressive the vintage is.

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Ian McFadden

Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits