The Ultimate $87 Case?

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The Ultimate $87 Case?
2006 St. Francis RED Sonoma County
Satisfying a Store Full of Snobs at Under $9 a Bottle

Well, maybe not snobs. Instead, let's call ourselves: "considered wine folk who take our beverages very seriously."

Frankly, if you’ve been reading our emails over the last few years, you’re likely in our camp as well (for better or worse).

You may be used to the annoyed looks from dinner companions wondering how exactly one spends 20 minutes with a wine list, the hors d’oeuvres having come and gone before you’ve even gotten through "Burgundy – White."

Today, however, we step away from our traditional role as the guardians of geek, purveyors of fine and rare, because the truth of the matter is we burned through two bottles of this juice (easy) sitting in the back office last night, trying to come to terms with the fact that we really like this wine.

This isn’t a red that needs an overblown tasting note so much as it needs a party, a group of old friends, a quiet night on the couch, or some lawn chairs and a summer sunset.

At just under $9 a bottle this is a seriously rewarding exercise in appreciation for just about anyone.

How is it better? Let’s be very specific. First of all, there’s actually some balance and freshness among the ripe red fruit, along with sweet-spicy tannins and dark underlying notes of cedar, leather and currant. Yes, there is oak here, but it does what it should, adding a well-proportioned depth to the wine.

These are BIG FLAVORS, at once imminently satisfying without being overwhelming, heavy or gloppy.

This is certainly not genius winemaking, but it is smart winemaking; an intelligent and fun blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Zinfandel, all sourced from righteous Sonoma County and making for a bottle more versatile than most we've come across in a long time.

THIS IS FOOD FRIENDLY JUICE! The possibilities are just about endless: Grilled meats on roof decks and fried eggplant fritters, bright pasta salads and creole-style critters, savory tenderloin tied up with string, these are a few of our favorite things! (With apologies to the cast and crew of The Sound of Music.)

Oh – and also – Buffalo Wings. This wine can actually handle Buffalo Wings.

Now, the somber part of this otherwise joyous email: This special case pricing will not last, so go ahead and hit that reply button now and make the wise $87 investment. The fantastic deal only came on our first parcel, and after it's gone, the pricing is going to have to go back up. Honestly, it's hard to say whether the sell-through moment will come today, tomorrow, Monday...

Believe us, we took as much of the RED as we could, with visions of patios and fired-up grills dancing in our heads. With spring here and summer around the corner, this is a wine not to have in the cellar, but to have on hand.

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The Crush Team
(and this means us all, Stephen, Joe, Ian, Chris and the entire gang!)
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2006 St. Francis RED Sonoma County

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