The Ultimate (Affordable) Thanksgiving Magnum!
2022 Beurer Trollinger Magnums

Posted by Joe Salamone

At under $50 on this soaring magnum, today we give thanks for dramatic, affordable, crowd-pleasing deliciousness...

Beurer's Trollinger has long been a staff favorite, an under-the-radar, delicious, and complex least until Eric Asimov brought the wine into the spotlight of the New York Times.

photo of bottle of Beurer Trollinger Magnum

For all the wine's enigmatic notoriety, Trollinger (also known as Schiava and Vernatsch in northern Italy) is a curious beverage, "eminently glug-worthy" as Asimov writes, yet deceptively complex, layered, and refreshing.

Beurer bottled this year's edition of the Trollinger in the soaring heights of a Riesling magnum, making this light red wine the surefire, blockbuster hit for any Thanksgiving table.

If this wine is likely to be the conversation starter at this year's holiday table, it's also likely to be the first bottle empty - it's that delicious and easy to drink.

Pinning this wine down is difficult. Beurer's Trollinger has something of the juiciness of Cru Beaujolais, yet with a more restrained palate, with crisp red-berry fruit and an herbal complexity that recalls in some ways the lighter-bodied reds of the Savoie.

More than any of this, especially in the cooler northern haunts of Germany, the wine almost quivers with an alpine sensibility, with a brisk mountain-breeze acidity, with a minerality that refreshes, almost demanding another sip.

The wine is just the skill of Jochen Beurer, the BMX champion turned biodynamic farmer who carefully shapes wines of shocking clarity and balance. If Germany's reds are beginning to come into the spotlight, both for wine geeks and these days the collectors too (think Wasenhaus), the diverse lineup beyond Pinot Noir - like Trollinger and Lemberger - is going to be discovered soon.

We have secured a large tranche of these large bottles, expecting considerable holiday demand. If you do need them before Thanksgiving, please let our shipping department know so we can try and make it happen.

To order, email or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
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