THE Valpolicella: 01 Quintarelli, Lowest Price in the Nation

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The Fascination with Quintarelli
2001 Quintarelli Valpolicella Classico
Extraordinary Valpolicella - Lowest Price in the Nation

We've never offered Quintarelli's benchmark Valpolicella... not because we haven't wanted to, but because it's really difficult to find - especially at this price.

If you haven’t yet had an opportunity to worship at the altar of Giuseppe Quintarelli, this is your chance. Be sure to genuflect on your way in - Quintarelli is the master of Valpolicella, and his wines are transcendent.

A quick note for those of you who are familiar with Valpolicella but aren’t yet initiated with Quintarelli - his Valpolicella is, frankly, on a whole different level than the rest of the entries in this category, except maybe Dal Forno's. In fact, "Valpolicella" is a bit of a misnomer - this is much more like an Amarone... and still drinking at the head of the class.

The prices are a bit reflective of this - Robert Parker once said of the 1988 Quintarelli Valpolicella that it "may seem frightfully expensive for a Valpolicella, but just taste it."

Indeed: Put this side by side with almost any other Valpolicella (again, put it next to another producer's Amarone, even), and you’ll see what we mean. Quintarelli’s stands out clearly, majestically, even phenomenally, from the bunch with its incredible power, richness and surges of slightly dried berries, peppery spice, briary herbs, crushed rocks and dark liqueurs… all thrown into a kind of wonderful, healing medicinal potion.

I believe this is one of the best deals in Italian wine at this price point.

The 2001 is especially notable for its exceptional concentration - the tannins are firm, yet super fine, providing a powerfully attractive core around which excellent complementary acidity, dark and rich earth elements, licorice and dried roses and violets and fruit all orbit. At times over the course of its enjoyment, the 01 Valpolicella showcases each aspect waxing and waning in prominence. This is the fascination with Quintarelli.

Giuseppe Quintarelli has been called a legend, the benchmark producer in the Veneto, his wines the standard by which all others in the region are judged.

But for all these massive accolades and hype, his philosophy and the secret behind his greatness remains simple: careful vineyard practices including severely restricting yields, and traditional winemaking practices including long (long) aging in cask. If others’ wines don’t reach the same heights... one might conclude that perhaps the attention they give to them doesn’t either.

The 01 Valpolicella was just released last year - eight years post-harvest is, except in this producer’s book, unheard of for a "simple" Valpolicella. Proof, again, that Quintarelli’s is anything but simple or ordinary.

This is just barely beginning to break into a full gallop, and it has the stamina to drink gloriously for the next 10-15 years, easily. We are offering a sharp discount on six-packs, as we truly believe this is a wine that will be a pleasure to cellar and an evolution to enjoy.

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare Wine
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2001 Quintarelli Valpolicella Classico

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