The Vertigo-Inspiring Bremmer Calmont Vineyard

Posted by CrushWine

A staggering 180-degree hairpin bend by the playful Mosel River at Bremm. Visible at the lower right-hand side of the picture is the small town of Bremm; visible on the left-hand side of the picture is the jagged wall of vines that is the Bremmer Calmont vineyard.

This is one-part vineyard, one-part sculptural work of art. Stairs, built into the old terraced walls, provide access to isolated parcels of vine. Walking around the vineyard feels like you're in an elaborate and beautiful maze.

A photograph taken from within the vineyard, looking up towards Bremm through further sections of the Calmont vineyard. This gives you some sense how rough and wild this terroir is, and how much dedication (not to mention balance and strength) it takes to work the site.

A jagged little outcropping provides the perfect place to relax a bit.

Another photograph taken from the Calmont vineyard, this time looking out across the Mosel River. In the background we see the small town of Bremm; the remains of a church dominate the shoreline to the left.