The wine hits all cylinders Lowest Price: 2010 Lascombes

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"The wine hits all cylinders"
Lowest Price in the Nation
2010 Lascombes
Finesse of Margaux Meets Old-School Vintage

"This is one of the great Margaux wines of the vintage... Probably the greatest Lascombes made to date..." -Robert Parker

As Mr. Parker's quote above makes clear, 2010 is a do-not-miss vintage for Lascombes.

For us, this is one of the most interesting/compelling Bordeaux vintages to come around in quite a while. As we've written before, 2010 is a vintage that marks something of a return to a more classic idea of Bordeaux. The 2010s are less about power, more about purity, structure, tannin, acidity... balance.

Château Lascombes

For palates that revel in the finesse of Burgundy, the aromatics of Barolo - the 2010 Bordeauxs are most definitely worth considering.

Today, we offer a small parcel of a Margaux gem at$99.95, the lowest price in the nation.

The left-bank commune of Margaux is one of the most famous districts of Bordeaux. Margaux is to Bordeaux what Chambolle is to Burgundy - which is to say the fame comes from the texture, from the supple, caressing elegance the wines are capable of.

Chateau Lascombes has long stood out as a perfect exemplar of this style: compact and dense, firm with a fine mineral spine.

In 2010 the tension, the balance is just about perfect. Although it packs plenty of fruit and a coating mid-palate, what makes this "one of the greatest Lascombes to date" is the level of freshness and length.

As Parker writes, "The wine hits all cylinders in 2010."

On the attack, 2010 Lascombes offers up clear sweet fruits that are packed with notes of smoke, flowers and dark minerals. The complexity and the palate presence are intense; however, this is only part of the story. The wide spectrum of earth, mineral and fruit along with the large scale of the wine are delivered with finesse and discipline.

Bordeaux is one of the most storied wine regions in the world. Although it may be going through something of an identity crisis, there is just no denying the greatness these wines can achieve.

Here's a chance to experience this potential. One of the greatest Lascombes at the lowest price around.

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Jeremy Noye
Vice President
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2010 Lascombes