There is no estate in the entire Rhone Valley making finer wines - 2011 Allemand Cornas Chaillots

Posted by Joe Salamone

The Perfect Stage for Cornas' Master
2011 Allemand Cornas Chaillots
Showstopping Balance & Clarity

"A year of terroir" -Thierry Allemand

2011 has all the markings of vintages of Allemand that we love.

Allemand renders Cornas with a heartbreaking fine-ness, with a delicately etched crushed rock minerality and rigorous acid spine. In 2011, this is delivered with pitch-perfect and utterly compelling clarity.

2011 presented the perfect stage for Allemand to show his skills. And his skills are formidable. Simply put: he is making some of the purest, most finessed, and most expressive Syrah available today.

Josh Raynolds echoes our feelings when he writes: "let me state unequivocally that there is no estate in the entire Rhone Valley making finer wines."

The 2011 Chaillots is a wonderfully finessed example of the wine. Ultra-pure red fruits combine with spice, minerality and flowers. Everything is present with a brilliant vividness and showstopping balance.

What keeps us returning to Allemand is the wine's precision and clarity. Everything feels perfectly composed, beautifully clear. Allemand's wines seem to distill and refine Cornas into its most pure form. They're not wines of power, but wines of harmony and hyper-articulate expression. It's for this reason that we love to have his wines in our cellar.

With a scant 4.5 hectares and a reputation that's growing exponentially, Allemand is in short supply. Please give us your ideal order and we'll try our best.

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Joe Salamone
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