"This beautifully well-balanced effort is Zen-like." - 2017 Chevillon Nuits-St-George 1er Cru Les Cailles

Posted by Ian McFadden

Chevillon is a low-profile benchmark who never seems to miss.

Along with Les St. Georges, Les Cailles represents the pinnacle of Chevillon's lineup.

People typically think of Chevillon's wines as wild, fortress-like and somewhat unruly. Les Cailles complicates that story.

If Les St. Georges is epic, sauvage and bone-crushing, Cailles is elegant and refined. It ages beautifully.

Chevillon’s 2017 Les Cailles is precise and focused—and heartbreakingly elegant. It has striking aromatics and a seductive texture. It weaves together notes of red and black fruit, florals, citrus, and minerals. The total package is simply haunting.

Many people have commented that Nuits was one of the stars of 2017. The completeness, precision and overall harmony of Chevillon's 2017 Cailles makes it very clear that special things happened here.

In short, this is a vintage of Cailles that people will remember. It's really stunning - a snap shot of the vineyard at its best. Having said all of this, I need to warn you that people always flock to Cailles and this parcel is modest.

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Ian McFadden

Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits