This delivers knockout quality... - 2010 Juillot Mercurey 1er Cru Clos des Barraults

Posted by Joe Salamone

Stunning 2010 Red Burgundy Value
2010 Juillot Mercurey
1er Cru Clos des Barraults

"This delivers knockout quality for a Mercurey 1er." -Burghound

Like everyone else, I'm always looking for affordable red Burgundy. Frankly, it can be a depressing hunt.

Every now and then, you find something that gives you hope. Today, we present one of the most encouraging finds from the 2010 vintage, Juillot's Mercurey 1er Cru Clos des Barraults.

In March, we offered Juillot's Clos Tonnerre, which sold out quickly. If you want to keep things simple and think of Clos des Barraults as Clos Tonnerre's big brother that's fair. Back then, Barraults was just too shut down to offer. We recently tasted the Clos des Barraults and it was really starting to sing.

Clos des Barraults is Juillot's top parcel in Mercurey occupying the middle section of a choice slope. When tasting Juillot's line-up, Barraults always stands out for its complex minerality and for the way it combines a jam-packed mid-palate with a sense of detail and lift.

Juillot's Barraults really boasts the qualities that make the 2010 Burgundy vintage so stunning: there's a crystal clear expression, a driving energy and plenty of palate presence.

Burghound rightly focuses on the Barraults' "wonderful sense of underlying tension and precision"

If it originated in the Côte d'Or, it's easy to imagine this costing $50 or more. Mercurey is always one of the places mentioned for people searching for everyday Burgundy. In practice, besides one or two exceptions, we haven't found anything that actually delivers on this potential. Then there's Juillot's 1er Cru Clos des Barraults, which over delivers in a big way.

Juillot's Barraults has a reputation of aging well for a decade or more, and you certainly sense that the 2010 is holding plenty in reserve. With all this in mind, we bought all that we could, which in reality doesn't amount to all that much.

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Joe Salamone
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Burghound: "Here too there is mild reduction present though not enough to hide the otherwise ripe, complex and pretty raspberry and cherry liqueur aromas. There is a wonderful sense of underlying tension and precision to the delicious and beautifully well-detailed middle weight flavors that are supported by relatively fine grained tannins on the linear, mineral-inflected and gorgeously long finish. This delivers knockout quality for a Mercurey 1er."

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