This extraordinary Riesling... - 2012 Alzinger Riesling Loibenberg 750s & Magnums

Posted by Joe Salamone

Last Chance: Austria in Perfect Clarity
2012 Alzinger Loibenberg 750s & Magnums

"This extraordinary Riesling will, I suspect, continue turning heads through at least 2020." -David Schildknecht

Word is finally getting out: Alzinger's 2012s are stunning.

We've made our love of Alzinger clear in the numerous offers we've penned. Still, the '12s stand out as some of the best we've tasted since the '07s and '08s.

Alzinger is only 9ha and the wines are doled out in painfully small quantities. Top wines, like Riesling Loibenberg, are typically allocated in 6-24 bottle quantities. Magnums are almost non-existent. The mags of Loibenberg on offer today are the only mags of Alzinger available in the U.S.

You can definitely find more powerful and more layered Austrian wines, but you won't find any as fine. For our palates, no one in Austria delivers the calm precision, the detail and the radiant clarity that Alzinger does.

Loibenberg is one of Austria's most famous sites combining raw power with a nuanced depth of complexity. This is Alzinger's most textural and layered wine. What makes Alzinger's '12 Loibenberg so noteworthy is how it combines the site's substance with a beautiful verve and clear, finely delineated expression of minerality. It's a very impressive marriage.

For fans of Alzinger, Austria or just Riesling, Alzinger's 2012 is something that shouldn't be missed. As I mentioned earlier, Alzinger is available in tiny quantities, especially the mags. This is likely the last chance at one of the top wines of the 2012 vintage in Austria.

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Joe Salamone
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David Schildknecht: "Luscious apple and white peach are allied to pumpkin and winter squash in an Alzinger 2012 Riesling Smaragd Loibenberg, which is fuller, more satiny in texture and more obviously extract-rich (indeed, almost sweetly so) than the wines that preceded it in this collection, This tends toward tropical richness in its evocation of grapefruit and mango, yet at the same time lets loose a showering cascade of crystalline mineral notes that go on to shimmer lastingly through an infectiously juicy fruit matrix, along with saliva-inducing salinity, savory nut oils and pumpkin seed. This extraordinary Riesling will, I suspect, continue turning heads through at least 2020."