This is flat out stunning - 2011 Fevre Chablis Grand Cru Les Preuses

Posted by Ian McFadden

Star of the Vintage
- Grand Cru Chablis Value
2011 Fèvre Chablis
Grand Cru Les Preuses

"This is flat out stunning" -Burghound

Burghound gets right to the heart of it - Fèvre's Preuses is killer in 2011.

John Gilman just comes out and unabashedly proclaims: "This will be one of the wines of the vintage in Chablis in 2011!"

This is a potent reminder that Fèvre offers some of the best value in Chablis and in Grand Cru Burgundy in general.

Since being taken over by Henriot in the late nineties, Fèvre has quickly climbed the ranks in Chablis, claiming their place beside the region's two benchmarks, Vincent Dauvissat and François Raveneau. Yet, they have remained very fairly priced.

Preuses is one of the best of Chablis' Grand Crus and a personal favorite of ours. Les Preuses is a south-facing vineyard known for producing regally mineral and floral wines. If Clos is commanding, Preuses is seductive. Its minerality is more emphasized, more linear, more detailed and complex. In other words, Preuses is for purists.

When it comes to Preuses, Fèvre has a special touch. They are able to capture the Grand Cru's inherent minerality and gracefulness with a remarkable clarity and focus.

This is clear in the 2011 vintage. What makes Fèvre's 2011 Preuses stand out is the way it delivers such complexity and precision. Fèvre is on the shortlist of producers that really nailed the 2011 vintage.

The easiest way to describe the 2011 vintage in Chablis is that it takes the freshness of a vintage like 2010 and combines it with riper, more generous vintages like 2005. The key move in the vintage was maintaining the acidity, and Fèvre judged this incredibly well. They harvested fairly early, endowing the wines with a beautiful vividness, cut and energy.

Burghound's note rightly emphasizes just how complex the minerality is. He notes, "perfumed and ripe scents of oyster shell, sea water, citrus and white flowers... that exudes hints of saline and iodine"

He goes on to place it in the "Don't miss!" category. We couldn't sum it up better.

With only 2.2ha in Preuses, there's simply not much of this wine to go around. Please give us your maximum order, and we'll do our best to allocate fairly.

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine and Rare Wines
Crush Wine & Spirits