"This is plain gorgeous" Revisited
- 2016 Lauer Unterstenberg

Posted by Joe Salamone

Along with people like Keller and Willi Schaefer, Lauer turned out a stunning cast of 2016s.

When it comes to Unterstenberg, Lauer nailed it in a way that we haven't seen before. This may be the most precise and multidimensional version of the wine that we've tasted.

In the throws of the summer heat, we opened Unterstenberg and it was simply lovely. As good as it was last summer, it's entered a whole different realm.

The Unterstenberg is at the bottom of the mountain. It is a warmer, more protected site that produces profoundly mineral and broad-shouldered wine. What makes the 2016 Unterstenberg stand out is the unusual amount of refinement and grace that it delivers. It shows a brilliant, driving minerality that's beautifully lifted.

The 2016 is saturated by slate and possesses a gorgeous sense of agility. There's a crystal-clear presentation of complex citrus, herbs and gentle spices. It's a textbook example of Lauer's signature of delivering intensity and lightness simultaneously.

In the world of wine, the Saar possesses a unique calling card. The wines have an explosive tension, an architecture that is sharply defined, a multidimensional array of saturating flavor, and somehow, an almost magical impression of weightlessness. The 2016 Unterstenberg is a really lovely example.

This is a wine that you'll want to drink in quantity and stash away for the years to come. We created special 4-pack pricing with this in mind.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer
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