Thriving On Grace: 2016 Jouan Chambolle-Musigny

Posted by Ian McFadden

Jouan produces some of the most delightfully pensive Burgundies that I know of.

They thrive on subtlety and mysterious depth.

We have many customers who are fond of comparing Jouan's wines to the legendary wines of the now retired Jacky Truchot. The wines share a kinship in terms of their texture and quiet, whispering allure.

We're big fans of the entire range, but it's the village wines that we drink the most often. Last week, we offered Jouan's 2016 Gevrey "Aux Echezeaux". Today, we focus on Jouan's 2016 Chambolle-Musigny.

Jouan's Chambolle always has a haunting mixture of perfume and delicacy. It's a wine of transparency with gorgeous vivacity and low octane delicacy. Each time that we drink Jouan's Chambolle, we're taken aback by how intricate, expressive and profoundly soulful it is.

In 2016, the Chambolle has an extra textural element that makes it incredibly seductive. Chambolle was hit really hard by frost and in Jouan's case, the added concentration really accentuated the wine's silky mouthfeel, minerality and penetrating complexity.

The bad news is that we have much less of this wine to go around than usual. Jouan's fan club seems to be growing quickly. It's an ugly combination. I wouldn't hesitate on this.

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Ian McFadden

Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits