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2013 Egon Müller Scharzhof QbA

Posted by Joe Salamone

2013 was a brutal vintage for Egon Müller.

Yields were ridiculously low at 10ha/hl. But in these difficult conditions, some treasures were born.

The Scharzhof QbA may be the biggest success story of the impressive 2013 line-up.

Despite its humble status, Müller's QbA is a dead serious and thrilling bottle of Riesling. It is by far the most impressive traditional QbA wine in existence. (I say traditional QbA because there's a young generation of growers who are using the looseness and freedom of the designation for some of their most ambitious wines.)

In 2013 Müller didn't bottle any Wiltinger Braune Kupp under the Le Gallais label. Instead the Wiltinger Braune Kupp juice went into the QbA.

The addition clearly gives the bottling a kick. Müller's QbA is always sourced from an impressive cast of villages (Saarburg, Wawern, Oberemmel), but 2013 enjoys a particular pedigree.

The 2013 QbA shows an incredible amount of concentration and cut, boldly displaying the steely mineral core and silken texture that defines Müller's wines. The purity and persistence are shocking and lovely.

There is simply no greater, more storied estate in Germany than Egon Müller. And the quality of the 2013 QbA really highlights just how high of a level Müller operates on. I imagine these will disappear quickly. Please give us your ideal order and we'll try our best.

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Joe Salamone

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