Ultra-Pure, Northern Rhône Syrah: 2013 Souhaut Syrah

Posted by Ian McFadden

Ultra-Pure, Northern Rhône Syrah
2013 Souhaut Syrah

To get to the point, this is a wine that I often find myself dreaming about drinking on a casual weekday night.

I spend most of my day buying and selling high-end wine. I drink a fair amount of it, too.

However, when I come home after a really long day, this is one of the first bottles that I would reach for. This is all an indirect way of saying that Souhaut's 2013 Syrah is delicious.

Souhaut's Syrah comes from the Ardeche, not far from St. Joseph. What I've always loved about this bottling is its immediacy and its classic profile of Syrah's savoriness and perfume.

Souhaut uses a semi-carbonic maceration - and while I'm not always a fan of this method on Syrah, the results here are wonderful. It's super-expressive of violets, olives, herbs, and a jet black minerality. The texture and just about everything is spot on.

This is a wine that I love and could go on and on about, but that would defeat the purpose of the wine. I'll just say that this is a bottle that you'll want to have around in quantity.

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits