Ultra-Rare MAGNUMS: 2002 Dom Perignon

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Greater Heights, More Intensity
RARE 2002 Dom Pérignon MAGNUMS
Possibly The Greatest DP Yet
and at the Lowest Price in the U.S.

"Extraordinarily firm, confident, intense nose... Nothing remotely sweet or fat - though it's as intense as a Montrachet... This already delivers but has such backbone and great acidity... Really reaches every hidden cell of the palate. LVMH at its very best?"
- Jancis Robinson

Only time will tell, but at the very least, this is on the short list of the best Dom Pérignons ever produced. Even Chef de Cave Richard Geoffroy agrees, comparing it to the house’s biggest cellar legends.

Today I am pleased to be able to offer the new cellar legend: 2002 Dom Pérignon out of the rare MAGNUM format.

We are one of only a handful of retailers around the world right now with magnums to offer. This will continue to be the trend as the majority of magnums are designated to on-premise/nightclub venues around the world. While fifths may be somewhat easier to come by, magnums are tightly, tightly allocated, and we have one of the largest parcels available around the globe.

Truly, Champagne out of magnum - especially from a vintage "for the ages" like 2002 - is one of the most special experiences in wine. The larger format - its sheer impressive stature, the smaller proportion of wine exposed to oxygen lending such remarkable freshness, such extended longevity - makes them exceedingly cellar-worthy and ultra-collectible. We strongly urge you to make some room in the cellar for at least a three-pack of these, as they will be some of the most rewarding bottles to open over the next few decades.

I wrote, in our email for the 02 Warhol edition, that I’ve always loved Dom Pérignon - the seductive complexity, the intensity, the precision of the wine itself juxtaposed with a sexy kind of edge, a bit of tension with a playful spirit.

My love affair with this house dates back to the 80s, when I bought my first bottle of 64 and fell - hard. This was the beginning of my obsession.

Recently though, Dom Pérignon has impressed me even more, as each new release is a clear testament to Monsieur Geoffroy's tireless pursuit of perfection and exploration. He is clearly reaching into uncharted territory with each cuvée.

The 2002 is the epitome of this, full of tension and intense focus while also packed with ripe fruits, wild florality, richness and a flash of opulence and revelry. It coasts through an elaborate score of jasmine, honeysuckle, dripping pear, apricot and passion fruit, then pure liquid mineral that is utterly saturating on the palate.

This is as compelling, intense and ageworthy as a Montrachet, as Jancis Robinson points out, and it’s bound to go down in history as one of the great bottles coming out of the house and even - dare I say - the region of Champagne. Though we have a considerable tranche of magnums, we don't expect it to stick around long, considering the sharp pricing today and the speed with which we’ve moved through parcel after parcel after parcel of 750 mls.

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Robert Schagrin
Managing Partner
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2002 Dom Pérignon MAGNUMS

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