Volnay: "A new domaine to me, and I was very, very impressed..."

Posted by Ian McFadden

A "New" Voice in Volnay
2009 Domaine Glantenay
Bourgogne Rouge - Volnay - Volnay 1er Cru
"This is a new domaine to me and I was very, very impressed with the quality of these wines. "

The above line was written by John Gilman - but it might as well have been written by us. We first tasted Glantenay's wines maybe two weeks ago and we were universally impressed. And that doesn't happen often.

The rising and falling of estates, the ambition of young growers, the physical realities of old age, all of this makes for an ever-dynamic wine landscape. Some estates of grand reputation under-perform, while other under-the-radar estates have their aim set very high.

Glantenay is undoubtedly in the latter category - you will be hearing more about these wines.

And this is half the fun of wine - finding the gem out there before the press, the hype, the hulla-balloo. This is also, it is worth mentioning, how you find the deals.

If this is largely an email for the Burgundy dork, with a really stunning Bourgogne Rouge at $25, this is also an email for the value hunter.

Thierry Glantenay only began working at the family estate in 2007 and already you can tell, you can taste, this guy is serious. Even in the riper 2009 vintage, as Gilman also notes, the wines are almost delicate and balanced. For the more old school palates, there is a wonderful weave of soil tones, of mineral, to compliment and complicate the nuanced fruit tones.

Gilman has a great line: "The 2009 wines emphasize terroir over fruit pomposity." In any event, fruit pomposity or no fruit pomposity, the effect is seamless, integrated - it's just beautiful.

We're offering what we think is the best cross section of Glantenay: a bonkers good $25 Bourgogne Rouge, a really lovely village Volnay, and a glorious 1er Cru Santenots.

For the summer BBQ, for the Burgundy value-hunter, for the blue-chip collector - these are really, really worth trying.

Quantities are very limited, as you might expect from a small new Burgundy producer, so give us your maximum order and we'll do our best. All orders should be ready for pickup or delivery on Tuesday at the latest.

To order, email us at offers@crushwineco.com or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

Ian McFadden
Wine Director, Fine & Rare Wines
Crush Wine & Spirits