Watershed Vintage-Lowest Price: 2008 Roagna Barolo La Pira

Posted by Joe Salamone

Watershed Vintage
-Lowest Price in the Nation
2008 Roagna Barolo La Pira

When the dust settles, 2008 may very well be the best vintage we've seen from Roagna.

Without a doubt, the vintage is a high water mark in the traditional estate's long history.

We've tasted and worked with Roagna wines since Crush opened nine years ago. But immediately upon tasting the 2008s, we knew this was a very special vintage for them.

At a recent industry tasting, Roagna's table was set up next to Giuseppe Mascarello and Giacomo Conterno, two of Barolo's absolute heavyweights. And it was Roagna's '08s that were causing the biggest stir in the room.

The story of Roagna's '08 Pira is one of integration and purity. The Pira represents a harmonious weave of fruit, spice and earth...of acid and tannin. The length, the elegance, the clarity of expression is absolutely stunning.

The 2008 Pira beautifully captures everything that makes us so enamored with the 2008 Barolo vintage. 2008 is ultra-classic, pure and precise. It's the first vintage since 2001 that combines such a level of complexity and refinement. Very few vintages deliver such completeness, such harmony. Galloni captures all this wonderfully when he writes: "The 2008s are highly transparent to site... this is a super-classic vintage that will thrill readers who like vibrant, refined Baroli."

Roagna has deep roots in Piedmont dating back four generations. We've tasted their wines going back to the 70s and can testify how high the quality has been here for some time. However, the wines have clearly hit a whole new level since Luca Roagna took the helm over a decade ago. While ratcheting up quality, Luca has maintained a steadfast traditionalism - macerations last 60 days, the wines age in large Slavonian oak botti.

Roagna has impressive holdings in both Barolo and Barbaresco, including Asili and Pajè. For us, the 2008 Pira was the standout - the seamless elegance, the complexity of aromatics and overall fineness and length make this a very special bottle.

This is something that you should go deep on - a really impressive traditional Barolo that will age well for a very fair price.

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Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
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