"What a great success!"
2021 Egon Müller Scharzhof QbA Scharzhof

Posted by Joe Salamone

Müller's QbA transcends the entire designation. It's without peer.

In any vintage, Müller's QbA is a dead serious and thrilling bottle of Riesling. However, there are special years when the wine hits a shocking level.

The 2021 QbA is an example of this. It has amazing purity and clarity of fruit. 

photo of bottle of Muller Scharzhof QBA

As quoted by Mosel Fine Wines, Egon Müller compares 2021 to the legendary 1971 vintage. For him, no other vintage hits a similar combination of verve and intensity of fruit.   

Riesling fans are really excited about the 2021 vintage. The short story is that 2021 is a throwback vintage. The wines have a zippy, clear, and cool-toned profile that defies the recent string of ripe vintages. 

By all accounts, Müller's 2021s are simply brilliant. The 2021 QbA is one of the great examples of this consistently overachieving wine. Typically, QbA is a humble category, housing producers' "Estate" wines. They can be nice wines, but seldom are they profound. Müller's QbA is an entirely different thing. 

The QbA is sourced from vines in Saarburger Rausch, the Oberemmeler Rosenberg, the Wiltinger Kupp, and the Wiltinger Braunfels. The combination of top vineyards and Müller's intense dedication and spare-no-expense winemaking leave an obvious mark on the wine. This is the rare QbA you'd be wise to forget about for a decade.

I'll close with a warning: This is a small parcel, and I'm anticipating a need to allocate.

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Joe Salamone
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2021 Muller, Egon Riesling QBA Scharzhof

750 ml


Mosel Fine Wines: "The 2021er Riesling Scharzhof is a fruity-styled wine made from the Estate’s holdings in the Saarburger Rausch, the Oberemmeler Rosenberg, the Wiltinger Kupp, and the Wiltinger Braunfels. This white-yellow colored wine offers a stunning nose of citrusy fruits, white peach sorbet, mint, cassis, and smoke. It offers a superbly bright acidity which is beautifully balanced by fruitiness on the palate. The finish is juicy and screams for more: What a great success! We would opt to wait a little bit to give the wine the time to develop more aromatic precision."