When Being Overshadowed is a Very Good Thing: 09 Janasse Chaupin

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2009 Janasse Châteauneuf-du-Pape "Chaupin"
One Tiny Parcel - Incredible Savings

With prices on Janasse's 2007 Chaupin going up to and beyond $150 a bottle, we're scratching our heads a bit.

Because, today, we have the 2009 Chaupin at only $69.95. What does that mean? Up to $90 dollars off the 2007? Nearly 40% off the lowest price on the 2007? On both counts, yes.

And yes, we think this pricing disparity is a bit ludicrous. Janasse's 2009s are heartbreakingly beautiful and the Chaupin, always one of the best deals out there in top-shelf Châteauneuf, is gorgeous in 2009.

The Chaupin is a single-vineyard Châteauneuf and the terroir is famous for its sandy soils as well as its relatively cool temperatures. This gives the 100% Grenache Chaupin an uncommon freshness and buoyancy. In 2009, the mid-palate is so finely threaded, the wine shows a really magical blend of opulence and detail, crushed rocks along with ultra-fine tannins.

These are old, old vines and so you do get really impressive concentrations in this bottling: succulent purple fruit and spice (lavender, licorice, violets) in a seductive and curvaceous package.

And while its muscle-bound older brother, the 2007, is built for the long haul with more adjectives than any one wine probably deserves ("fabulously concentrated, massively extracted"), the 2009 is more approachable, more expressive right now.

This is not a gentle way of saying the wine isn't structured. Hardly. In fact the 2009 Chaupin has at least a decade of development ahead of it for those who want to watch this wine grow.

But unlike the 2007, the 2009 is kinder. As with 2009 in Burgundy, there is a generosity and energy to the 2009 Rhônes. The 2009 Chaupin is unlikely to ever really shut down - you should expect a long and thrilling drinking window.

Since sometime around 2000, Domaine de la Janasse has been on an incredible run. Yes, their 2007s were very, very good. The 2008s well outperformed the difficult year and now their 2009s are among the absolute best of the vintage.

Despite all this, the 2009 Rhônes seem destined to sit in the shadows of the blockbuster 2007s. This isn't exactly a bad thing. First, this has resulted in the 2009s coming to market at extraordinary discounts compared to the 2007s. Second, the 2009s afford slightly earlier drinking pleasure. A cellar full of 2007s is not a bad thing at all - just make sure you have enough 2009 to drink while you wait.

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare Wine
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2009 Janasse Cuvée Chaupin