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Joe's Pick - 2015 Roches Neuves Les Mémoires

Posted by Joe Salamone

Les Mémoires is sourced from a tiny parcel of 100+ year old vines.

It is one of the most intriguing and profound expressions of Cabernet Franc.

Over the past few vintages, it's become clear that things have clicked into high gear at Roches Neuves. While they have always produced excellent wines, the domaine is now justifiably placed on par with the region's best.

Tasting the 2015s, it’s obvious that Roches Neuves is at the top of their game. The 2015 Les Mémoires represents their magnum opus. Les Mémoires stands as one of the Loire's grandest examples of Cabernet Franc, boasting a startling depth, sophistication and old vine complexity.

The wild success of the 2015 made it an obvious choice for Wine of the Year. This is one of the most complicated and aristocratic expressions of Cabernet Franc you’ll ever taste.

Les Mémoires’ old vines dig deep into limestone soils and turn out concentrated grapes that possess a haunting, nuanced complexity and noble stature. The 2015 shows an intensity, grandeur and lift that’s simply shocking. It soars with spice, flowers, earth and dark fruits, all effortlessly woven together.

The majority of the 200 or so cases of Les Mémoires produced in a given vintage are snapped up by Michelin starred restaurants in France. Ever since the Revue du Vin de France awarded Roches Neuves 3 stars, its highest ranking and a distinction that they share only with Clos Rougeard in the Loire, they have blown up.

Judging by the responses to our offers, word is out on this side of the Atlantic as well. Any time we've offered Roches Neuves, we've quickly sold out and scrambled to try to find more. It feels like a major coup to be able to offer it as my wine of the year.

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2015 Roches Neuves Les Mémoires