Wine of the Year #3: Bobby's Pick
2020 Chacra Chardonnay

Posted by Robert Schagrin

At Crush, we always let the wines speak for themselves and seek out great ones regardless of origin. 

I'm proud to offer the 2020 Chacra Chardonnay as my wine of the year.

photo of the featured wine

The combined efforts of Piero Incisa della Rochetta and Jean-Marc Roulot have really paid off. Hailing from Argentina's Patagonia region, the 2020 Chardonnay is simply a tour de force irrespective of geographic qualifiers. This is not great Southern Hemisphere Chardonnay. It's world-class Chardonnay. 

We have worked with Chacra since the beginning and it's been really exciting to watch their wines gain their places on the world stage. Chacra's Pinot Noirs have gained a cult following. Now Chacra's Chardonnays have come of age. Made in collaboration with famed Burgundy winemaker Jean-Marc Roulot, it has achieved a similar destiny. 

Piero Incisa della Rochetta, whose family produces the famed super-Tuscan Sassicaia, founded Bodega Chacra in 2004. The impetus was tasting a Pinot Noir on a visit to the area that fascinated him so much that it practically haunted him for weeks afterward. Piero scoured Northern Patagonia for a vineyard that could recreate the magic of that wine. There's no doubt that he struck gold finding beautiful high altitude vineyards that endow the wines with a shimmering clarity. 

The combination of saturating intensity, focus, and a steely vitality really made this wine stand out to me. I love its luminous citrus profile and subtle yet savory mineral imprint. 

Piero's impeccable vineyard stewardship matched with Jean-Marc's well-honed winemaking insight is difficult to beat. The two are some of my favorite people in the world of wine. I can't say that my fondness for them makes me impartial, but I can say that this is one dynamite bottle of white wine. 

Happy and Healthy New Year to all! 

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Robert Schagrin
Managing Partner
Crush Wine & Spirits 

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