Without Peer: 2011 Valentini Cerasuolo

Posted by Joe Salamone

Without Peer
2011 Valentini Cerasuolo

Valentini is a sacred name among Italian wine lovers. In a region known for churning out uninspired, bulk juice, Valentini has crafted wines that put him on the world stage.

The humble grapes of Trebbiano and Montepulciano are transformed into utterly compelling, first class wines. His iconic status in Abruzzo is matched only by that of his friend, Emidio Pepe.

When it comes to Cerasuolo d'Abruzzo, there's no doubt that Valentini is without peer.

The Cerasuolo exists on its own plane. There's nothing else comparable. A few rosés can hang with it - Simone, the Cotats, Lopes de Heredia, etc.

It's a mind-blowing expression of Montepulciano. Classic notes of berries, earth and spice are elevated by a wild palette of flowers, citrus rind, roses, and minerals. There’s supreme freshness and vibrancy, delivered with fascinating texture and complexity. It's beautiful in its youth, but after some time in the cellar, it evolves into something even more captivating and ethereal.

Valentini's 2011 Cerasuolo is marked by a complex richness and cut. There's a particular edge to the 2011 that we really like. That incisive quality is animated by a saline minerality that's beautiful. The interplay of herbal notes, salt breeze, floral notes and cherry fruit is exhilarating.

Valentini's Cerasuolo has assumed the sort of mythical status that's rarely reserved for rosé. There's a soulfulness and singular complexity that's unmistakable. Whenever we offer it, the response is strong and sellouts are normal. Please give us you ideal order and we'll do our best.

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Joe Salamone
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