World Premiere: 2004 Dom Perignon

Posted by Robert Schagrin

A Return to Classicism
2004 Dom Pérignon

"The 2004 Dom Pérignon continues to develop beautifully. A vibrant, focused Champagne... There is a lot to like in the glass." -Antonio Galloni

The very first time I tasted the 2004 Dom Pérignon, I immediately had a deep fondness for it as it invoked memories of when I first started collecting Champagne in the late eighties.

I shared this with Dom Pérignon's wildly insightful and charismatic chef de cave, Richard Geoffroy, who agreed with me and narrowed his comparison to the 1970 Dom Pérignon, a true sleeper DP. FYI, the 1970 Oenothèque version now goes for $1,700+.

2004 is a vintage that beautifully captures Dom Pérignon's aesthetic. One of the great ironies in the world of wine is that Dom Pérignon is the most recognized luxury Champagne and yet, is one of the least flashy. It's about subtle precision, purity, and tension with intensity.

2004 Dom Pérignon has a quiet depth of complexity and a dancing electricity cloaked in a perfect measure of fruit. This is DP for me. While recent riper and epic vintages, like 96 and 02, have blown me away, 04 marks a return to the impeccably judged detail and quiet regal elegance that I always look for in Dom Pérignon.

As Dom Pérignon ages, watch out. The discreet style unwinds into something beautiful and profound. There's a finesse and an energy, a gorgeous tapestry of citrus, minerals, coffee grinds, confectionary sugar and smoke that sends shivers down my spine.

The 2004 vintage played right into the hands of the Maison. The vintage is defined by its balance, the linear, mineral-driven core studded with flowers and citrus. Dom Pérignon took these characteristics and sculpted them into an intensely detailed and incredibly fine Champagne.

It's this harmony and impeccable precision that promises 2004 will age well in the mid-term and perhaps longer, (these leaner, quieter vintages have a way of transforming in the cellar.) But, who can resist? For fans of classically styled champagnes, not to mention, archetypal Dom Pérignon, this is a must.

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Robert Schagrin
Managing Partner
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2004 Dom Pérignon

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Antonio Galloni: "The 2004 Dom Pérignon continues to develop beautifully. A vibrant, focused Champagne, the 2004 clearly reflects the personality of the year. Freshly cut flowers, white peaches and pears are woven together in a Champagne that impresses for its focus and energy. Chiseled saline note support the crystalline finish. I imagine the 2004 will always remain relatively bright and linear, but at the same time, each time I have tasted it over the last two years the 2004 seems to have a little more body and broader shoulders. The 2004 will appeal most to readers who find the 2002 and 2003 too exuberant. There is a lot to like in the glass."