Equipo Navazos - La Bota

Equipo Navazos released their first wines in 2005 and 2006. In no time, they made people realize how great sherry can be. At the start, there were no commercial ambitions, just a group of sherry-obsessed friends who wanted to get their hands on some incredible Amontillado that they had stumbled upon in a bodega.

Before long word was out on the superlative sherries that they were unearthing and they soon became some of the most exciting wines out there. The people behind the La Bota series know sherry backwards and forwards. They presented the world with some of sherry's treasures. Wines that were lost in bodegas.

The heart and soul of Equipo Navazos is in the selection process. The selection is not of the best and oldest soleras, but of the best casks within the soleras. This is extremely important in the context of the region, where the solera system is typically meant to promote standardization. At Equipo Navazos, they seek out what's compellingly singular within an already-choice solera.

Call it the best of the best. Their process certainly shows in the wines, which possess a spellbinding intensity, elegance and texture.