Pinot Noix: Daniel Twardowski

The Latest SourceMaterial Wines offer: 2018 Daniel Twardowski Pinot Noix

Daniel Twardowski is a Burgundy fanatic with deep connections there. His whole winemaking project is a spare-no-expense, deep-dive into the potential of Mosel Pinot Noir, with vine material from Clos de la Roche, Richebourg and Romanée St. Vivant and top barrels from producers like DRC, Leroy and Rousseau. There are two wines on offer today: The "Ardoise" (French for slate) is Twadowski's main wine. It is a single-vineyard, "Grand Cru" Pinot Noir sourced from a tiny, 3-hectare plot within the Grand Cru Hofberg. It is deeply concentrated, elegant, with a precious energy - a cut and grip to it that is so rewarding. Vintage 2018, however, also marks the first release of the Hofberg Réserve - a wine made from Pinot Noir grafted onto very old vines (70+ years old). This is simply one of the greatest Pinot Noirs to come out of Germany.