1995 Dom Pérignon Rosé P2

Posted by Robert Schagrin

Claiming Dom Pérignon's Rosé to be the best in all of Champagne is beside the point. For me, it's one of the world's great wines.

If you asked me to recall my most memorable wine experiences, Dom Pérignon's Rosé would have a looming presence.

I've always loved the 1995 Rosé, but the recently released P2 is shockingly superior. It's as if magic happened in Dom Pérignon's cellars. Antonio Galloni writes that the '95 "has it all." I couldn't agree more.

This spring I was fortunate to co-host a complete retrospective DP Rosé tasting spanning original releases, P2s and P3s from 1962 through 2004.The '95 P2 was an absolute stand out among the young flights.

By now, most of you know the deal with the Dom Perignon's Plenitudes. They've replaced Dom Perignon's Oenothèque series and are intended to be a snapshot of Dom Perignon at optimal points in its life span. The second plenitude (P2) captures the wine at an energetic, precise, and penetratingly clear stage.

The 1995 Dom Perignon Rosé P2 is a beautiful representation of this phase. At twenty years of age, there's plenty of youthful exuberance, but it also has a layered presence that begins to hint at the outrageous complexity that DP Rosé gains as it ages. Dom Pérignon's Chef de Cave Richard Geoffroy's sharp palate and unparalleled insight are on bold display in the '95 Rosé P2. He has selected this wine at a brilliant point of its metamorphosis.

At the very least I urge you to try a bottle of the 1995 Dom Perignon Rosé P2 for your own research and development, but this is definitely one for the cellar. It makes clear that when DP Rosé begins to enter the zone, it's an absolutely amazing and singular drinking experience. I'm always tempted to call DP Rosé "Musigny with Bubbles." It's a little simplistic, but it captures that rare combination of intensity and weightlessness that DP Rosé achieves. You'll be hard pressed to find another wine on Earth that delivers such depth while delicately walking on tip-toes.

The 1995 DP Rosé P2 is simply a majestic wine. The complexity and architecture blows me away. It's a pleasure to offer it at this very sharp price.

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Robert Schagrin

Managing Partner

Crush Wine & Spirits