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"A magical Champagne in the making"
2006 Taittinger Comtes de Champagne

The 2006 CdC is one of the high points of the vintage.

"Fabulous" -Antonio Galloni
2008 Billecart-Salmon Brut Blanc de Blancs Cuvée Louis Salmon

The 2008 Blanc de Blancs Cuvée Louis Salmon is the epitome of their style.

Our Go-To Champagne Value
Laherte Frères Ultradition Blanc de Blancs Brut NV

Ultradition has become one of the most popular Champagnes in Crush history. Simply put, Ultradition is an irresistible Champagne that delivers serious value. It's an accessible Champagne, but also one of incredible balance and interest.

"One of Champagne's brightest young talents"
2017 Renoir Les Epinettes Grand Cru

In 2019, I named Renoir's 2015 Les Epinettes my wine of the year. Today, I'm happy to follow up with the impressive 2017 Epinettes.  

Showstopping Champagne
2014 Laherte Freres Les Empreintes Extra Brut

Laherte's Empreintes is among the most impressive and eye-opening Champagnes we've tasted this year. Over the past handful of years, Laherte has emerged as one of the most talented growers in Champagne.

"Simply breathtaking"
2008 Taittinger Comtes de Champagne

"Taut and chiseled but also notably exuberant"
2013 Roederer Cristal

For us, 2013 in Champagne is a truly exciting vintage that will likely be considered a great one in due time.

"Nothing short of magnificent"
2008 Dom Pérignon

The 2008 delivers a laser-like focus and impeccable class. The balance and harmony flirts with perfection. There's a regal intensity and exhilarating tension.

Sheer Magnificence:
2002 Roederer Cristal

Cristal's 2002 flaunts a combination of sleek finesse and layered, multifaceted complexity that's absolutely magical.  

Grower Champagne Essential
Robert Moncuit Réserve Perpétuelle Blanc de Blancs

When everything is considered, this is one of our top champagne picks for the holiday season. Seldom do price, accessibility, and seriousness intersect in such a profound way.

"What a wine!"
2002 Dom Pérignon Rosé

At this point, it's clear that the 2002 Dom Pérignon Rosé will go down as one of the absolute greats of all time.

"The Brut Réserve is a real rock star"
Bérèche Brut Reserve NV

Bérèche is one of our favorite producers in all of Champagne. Everything that he turns out is shockingly good.

"Readers who can find the 2012 should not hesitate, as it is truly magical"
2012 Roederer Cristal Rosé

For me, any vintage of Cristal Rosé is one of Champagne's greatest wines. The 2012 is simply brilliant.

It is an utterly beautiful wine delivering finesse, length, and delicacy. 

"One of the finest grower-producers"
Marie-Noëlle Ledru Brut Grand Cru

Ledru produces some of the most lovingly made and terroir-expressive Champagnes around.

"The only problem with these wines is finding them"
- Lilbert-Fils Le Brut Perle Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs

Production of Lilbert's Perle is somewhere around 165 cases per release - a mere drop in Champagne terms.

It's a shame that finding the wine is so difficult. Perle stands as one of the greatest and most fascinating expressions of the Côte des Blancs.

Brilliance in the Côte des Blancs - 2013 Agrapart:
Mineral, L'Avizoise & Venus

Pascal Agrapart’s Champagnes are some of the most terroir expressive wines being made today.

From his vineyards in Avize, Agrapart makes three wines from what he considers to be the region’s three main terroirs: the up-slope, down-slope, and mid-slope. He then vinifies each wine in the exact same way to highlight their differences in terroir. Today, we focus on these three wines from the stunning 2013 vintage. 

The Cult of Prévost - Revisited:
Prévost Les Beguines Extra Brut NV (2017 Base)

Jérôme Prévost is one of the greatest growers in all of Champagne.

For many, this will sound trite. Prévost has a cult following, and the wines quickly disappear from the market. 

Chartogne-Taillet Single-Vineyards:
Les Barres, Les Couarres, Chemin de Reims, & Orizeaux

Chartogne-Taillet's lineup reaches its pinnacle in the exactingly-rendered single-vineyard bottlings. They dramatize just how sensitive and precise the winemaking is.

Our Champagne Go-To: Magnum Edition: Bereche Brut Reserve NV Magnums

"Although most readers probably associate Bérèche with some of their higher-end bottlings, the Brut Réserve is a real rock s

Selosse: From Initial to Lieux-Dits 6-Packs & Much More

"It’s rare to find a champagne, or indeed, a wine of any kind, as profound" - Peter Liem

Few wines on the planet imprint themselves on your memory the way Selosse's do. He is the most original, most game-changing producer in Champagne.

Poured at George V, The French Laundry, and Per Se - The Don't Miss $40 Champagne: Diebolt-Vallois Blanc de Blancs Cuvee Prestige NV

Diebolt-Vallois is a long-standing benchmark in Champagne.

The impressive list of world-class restaurants where their cuvée Prestige is poured by the glass drives home how impressive this Champagne is.

"One of the finest grower-producers" - Ledru Extra Brut NV

"Don't miss it!" - Rare Magnums:
2008 Philipponnat Clos des Goisses Magnums

Clos des Goisses is an extremely steep and extremely chalky vineyard. Many consider it to be Champagne's greatest site. It's no surprise that Clos des Goisses' 2008 is one of the stars of the stunning vintage.

"One of Champagne's most dynamic young growers” - Savart L'Ouverture & L'Accomplie Brut NV

"There is little doubt Fred Savart is one of Champagne's most dynamic young growers.” -Antonio Galloni, Vinous Media The champagnes of Fred Savart have steadily become some of our favorites.

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