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Posted by Robert Schagrin

When it comes to Dom Pérignon's Rosé, 1996 is part of a holy trinity along with 1990 and 2002.

After two decades buried deep in their cellars, this just-released second plenitude (P2) captures this wine at a gorgeously complex stage, highlighting the rare combination of intensity and weightlessness.

The Plénitudes (or Oenotheque program) offer a snapshot of Dom Pérignon at optimal points throughout its lifespan, which can be as long as half a century or more. Dom Pérignon Chef de Cave Richard Geoffroy's impeccable judgement is on bold display with the already legendary 1996 Rosé P2. He has selected this wine at a brilliant point of its metamorphosis.

Claiming Dom Pérignon's Rosé to be the best in all of Champagne is beside the point. For me, it's one of the world's great wines. If you asked me to recall my most memorable wine experiences, Dom Pérignon's Rosé would have a looming presence.

The Rosé hovers in a mysterious place between sparkling white wine and red Burgundy. This is a world-class Champagne of saturating, tactile presence. As they age, they go to another level.

The '96 vintage in Champagne has been held as one of the great vintages of the past fifty years. The vintage delivered an incredible combination of power, intensity and acidity. The wines boast a deep, deep complexity and ridiculous drive and power.

The 1996 P2 Rosé, while being reserved, is absolutely seductive in its power and its poise. It explodes from the glass with extremely clear layered red fruits, roses, spice and minerality. I'm always tempted to call DP Rosé "Musigny with bubbles." The '96 has a force similar to Bonnes Mares, but also all the finesse, refinement and beguiling texture of Musigny.

Pinot Noir leads the charge in Dom Pérignon's Rosé, as you'd expect, with the addition of nearly 20% red still wine from Bouzy and Aÿ. This is what gives the wine its plush and airy mid-palate, while a good dose of mineral Chardonnay provides a firm backbone, serious lift and cellar worthiness.

The 1996 P2 Rosé is absolutely majestic and the pinnacle of the category. There's no doubt that it has decades of life ahead of it, but it's also absolutely brilliant today. Don't miss!

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Robert Schagrin

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1996 Dom Pérignon P2 Rosé


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