2013 & 2014 Foillard Fleurie - Picture Perfect Fleurie

Posted by Joe Salamone

Foillard's Fleurie stands dangerously close to being the Platonic ideal of Fleurie.

Foillard is famous for making some of the greatest examples of Morgon. The fact that he can turn out a Fleurie of such glorious typicity really highlights just how sensitive of a winemaker Foillard is.

Foillard's Fleurie is sourced from sites of impressive pedigree: the climats of Grille Midi, La Madone and Champagne. The Fleurie is sourced from a mere 2 hectares making this a much more elusive bottling than his legendary Morgon Côte du Py.

His Fleurie is exceedingly lithe, super-fine in its texture, a feminine delicacy appropriate for this Cru which is often referred to as the Queen of Beaujolais. Few wines exemplify Fleurie as well with its silken plum fruits and charming elegance, revealing perfumed aromatics of strawberry and plums, mingling with a clear soil expression and mineral.

The 2013 and 2014 are great vintages for Foillard's Fleurie. They also offer a perfect glimpse of the range of Foillard's Fleurie. The 2013 is a snappy and tense version of this wine with a beautiful mineral edge and hightoned florality. The 2014 has plenty of verve, but is deeper, more textural and has a bit more flesh.

Foillard's Fleurie is an absolutely stunning wine, but it's always difficult to find enough wine to offer. Please give us your ideal order and we'll try our best.

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Joe Salamone

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