2014 Donnhoff Hermannshöhle: Grosses Gewäch, Spätlese & Auslese Goldkapsel

Posted by Joe Salamone

Dönnhoff made shockingly good 2014s.

There's a magic to the way Dönnhoff delivers such polish, such style, such gorgeous proportions. All of this comes with a sense of weightless elegance. The 2014s have this in spades.

We've been quietly holding on to our allocation. Stephan Reinhardt's recent glowing review prompted us to put an offer together.

Today, we're celebrating Dönnhoff's Hermannshöhle in Grosses Gewächs, Spätlese and Auslese.

Niederhausen Hermannshöhle is Dönnhoff's crown jewel and the family's oldest site. It is without a doubt one of the Nahe's top vineyard sites. The wines rival the best anywhere with power, length, and elegance.

To start with the Hermannshöhle GG, the 2014 is a brilliant example of the wine. Over the years we've had many mind-blowing bottles. The 2014 is gorgeous. It boasts an incisive, mineral-laden precision with tons of elegance and length. It's intense, agile and amazingly clear. Stephan Reinhardt called Dönnhoff's dries some of Germany's best in 2014, and the Hermannshöhle GG represents the pinnacle of the line-up.

The Hermannshöhle Spätlese is stunning as well. It has a captivating lift and clarity. It's expansive, nuanced and has tons of finesse. It combines intensity with an airiness that's just beautiful.

Finally, there's the Auslese. Reinhardt captures the wine really well when he writes: "Great finesse and delicacy here." This is a beautifully balanced, walk-on-tiptoe Auslese. There's an incredible clarity to the complex layers. There's also a beautiful energy and mineral tension.

Dönnhoff has long stood as one of Germany's elite producers. The 2014s are monuments. For Dönnhoff fans, these are not to be missed.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer
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