2016 Dönnhoff Spätlese: Hermannshöhle & Brücke

Posted by Joe Salamone

Dönnhoff's wines have an uncanny ability to hit perfect proportions. The 2016s are a reminder of this.

Of course, the spatlesen from Hermannshöhle & Brücke lead the charge.

If you were to talk to long-time Dönnhoff fans, they would likely highlight both as their favorite bottles of the line-up.

To start with Hermannshöhle, this is Dönnhoff's oldest site and without a doubt one of the Nahe's top vineyards. It's one of the sites that seems to consolidate power, length and elegance into an impossible harmony and elegance.

Brücke is a multifaceted powerhouse. What really wows you with Brücke is its expansive lift. Many Dönnhoff fans rank Brücke at the same level as Hermannshöhle. This 2ha monopole amazes with its full-throttle intensity and light-as-air sensation.

Both of these wines in 2016 have something intangible - but almost magical - to them. They have such polish and an impressive sense of weightless elegance. When you catch a vintage where Dönnhoff is "on" the wines are a don't-miss. 2016 is such a vintage.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer
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