2018 Lauer Rarities:
Fass 2 “Extra Trocken,” Fass 3 & Fass 4

Posted by Joe Salamone

Today we introduce two never-before imported Lauer rarities, off-dry Fass 3 and Fass 4. Then, to form a holy trinity, we add what we’ve called the “razorblade” of Lauer’s stable, Fass 2 Extra Trocken.

A recent tasting of Lauer's 2018s confirmed the hype coming out of Germany about Florian Lauer’s 2018 collection: This is a do-not-miss, tour-de-force vintage for Lauer.

Across the board, while Lauer’s 2018s offer plush layers of crystalline, super-fine fruit, what is most remarkable about these wines is their focus and cut.

Lauer’s 2018s have absolutely incredible levels of acidity. The wines present an almost inconceivable tension; a thrust that makes the glycerin-rich wines feel almost weightless.

These three wines left us speechless. I don't think we've ever included three wines from the same producer at essentially the same price point in a single offer before. In this case, we couldn’t fairly leave any of these wines out for the sake of simplicity or ease of marketing.

The easy buy, the ultimate 2018 Lauer 6-pack for only $141.70, offers two of each of the bottlings. Fass 3 is essentially a baby Stirn, sourced from the parcel directly next to Stirn. It is soaring, angelic and delicate. Fass 4 comes from the mountains behind the village of Ayl and offers shocking cut and force. Finally, the Fass 2 Extra Trocken is all rigor and minerals – a purist’s wine if ever there was one.

Please read more about each wine below, but remember this: We are going out early with our Lauer offers this year after a series of short deliveries the last few vintages. Lauer’s wines have been selling out at the estate well before release, so this may be your only chance.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer
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