40 Cases Produced - A Tour-De-Force Champagne:
Bazin Champagne Blanc de Blancs “l’Etonnante”

Posted by Joe Salamone

Noël and Magali Bazin's Champagnes are new to the U.S.

These are Champagnes that simply leap out at people.

We emailed about Noël Bazin’s Champagne “Unanime” in December (“The Greatest $35 Grower Champagne?”); it remains one of our most successful Champagne offerings, ever.

Today, we turn to their top Champagne, “l’Etonnante.”

Noël and Magali Bazin farm around four hectares. There's nothing produced at this domaine that is not limited. However, l’Etonnante” takes this to an almost insane level. Only around 40 cases of this wine are produced each year

The rare “l’Etonnante” is Bazin’s tour-de-force Champagne that flaunts an uncommon depth and a simply mesmerizing range of flavor. It's a multi-vintage cuvée stretching from 2012 to 1998 that offers an incredible tapestry. The plush palate unfurls with ripe dark-citrus notes, bergamot orange, black tea, brioche and a myriad of floral spices.

It is a beguiling, almost mysterious experience that is driven forward by an airy and saturating minerality, a mint-tinged acidity that keeps the palate fresh and very, very long.

It’s too easy to call this white Burgundy with bubbles. Indeed, while the wine flaunts a vinous density, it casts a wider net than just the Côte d’Or. This is a provocative Champagne, equal parts mysterious and delicious.

For the moment, as Bazin is brand new to the U.S. market, the wine clocks in at a fraction of the price of comparable bottles from more famous growers. This will change.

As we mentioned earlier Bazin produces only around 40 cases of this wine each year. The U.S. sees only a small part of this production. So give us your maximum order, but understand we will likely have to allocate.

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Joe Salamone

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