85 Krug Collection Magnum: Lowest Price in the World

Posted by CrushWine

An astounding Champagne, the 1985 Krug Collection out of magnum is simply epic.

The 85 Collection magnum is also the rarest Krug new-release that we have ever encountered. Only three other stores in the world currently have the wine; NONE have meaningful quantities.

When Krug's CEO Maggie Hernandez and her entourage visited the store for an impromptu tasting of current releases, we couldn't help but bring a surprise of our own. Krug Rosé and the always formidable Grande Cuvee were present and accounted for, 1998 Krug made one of its first appearances (to considerable praise) along with the 1998 Krug Clos du Mesnil and the newly released 1982 Krug Collection.

The surprise for the evening, however, was a duo of 1985 Krug Collections, one in fifth (750ml) and one in magnum (1.5L). A tasting organized for scientific purposes only, of course!

If there are certain inexplicable realities in the wine world, ideas that ring true time after time, the fact that Champagne out of magnum just tastes better than regular bottles has to be one of the ultimate maxims. (Can someone please get some stone tablets?)

While I have enjoyed the 1985 Krug Collection on countless events (along with the 1981 Collection, it is my go-to, can't-miss Krug for all occasions), this was the first time with the 85 Collection 1.5L. I have always believed that the 1985 Krugs are under-appreciated, with collectors drifting towards the 82s and the 88s. The 1985 Collection magnum showed to me (and everyone else at the store that night) the best of what these wines have to offer.

Out of magnum, the 1985 Collection is a like a remix of the original that has highlighted all of its best features, amplifying the most seductive details. This Krug displays an incredible combination of fullness with a steely resolve, the creamy richness giving way to a wine of such a thick backbone of mineral driven intensity. It is shockingly youthful. These stunning magnums will age effortlessly, in true Krug fashion, for several decades, giving this wine a 50+ year lifespan from vintage date.

One of these magnums belongs in any true Champagne lover's cellar, although, the more the merrier.

We have secured a significant supply of this rarity. Today I am proud to offer these magnums at the lowest price in the world. All orders are subject to confirmation. To order, email us at offers@crushwineco.com or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

Robert Schagrin

Managing Partner

Crush Wine & Spirits